Newport Harbor Girls Volleyball
Hall of Fame



1979 (4-A) Kori Pulaski MVP

1987 (DI) Jennny Evans MVP

1994 (DI) Misty May MVP

1997 (DI) Jennifer Carey MVP

1998 (DI) April Ross MVP

1999 (DI) April Ross MVP

2002 (DI) Kristen McClune MVP

2009 (DI) Katey Thompson MVP



1992 (DIII) Misty May MVP

1994 (DI) Misty May MVP

1998 (DI) Jennifer Carey MVP

1999 (DI) April Ross MVP

2009 (DI) Kirby Burnham MVP




Newport Harbor Volleyball

Newport Harbor High School
600 Irvine Avenue
Newport Beach, California 92663
(949) 515-6300


Newport Harbor High School is a public institution that promises “inclusion of all students” and at no
time will a student be dismissed from a curricular, co-curricular or extra-curricular program attached
to the school, dismissed from instruction, and/or receive a lower grade due to financial hardship.